Sport & Relaxation

Cooking lessons

If you want to master the Balinese cuisine yourself, follow a cooking course at Bali Asli, this beautiful cooking school is a 10-minute drive away from the villa. Here you will learn about authentic Balinese recipes and making dishes. Are you not good at cooking? No worries. You will learn about authentic Balinese ingredients and the order of various cooking operations to prepare the desired dish. Cutting of all ingredients is done for you. If you want to follow a more in-depth course, the proprietress is open to customize a course for the more advanced cook.

Yoga in the villa

If you want to get into yoga or meditation, you are at the right place in our villas. Due to the location of the terrace and the views it offers, it is a pleasure to follow Yoga classes in your own villa. When the coolness of the morning brings you a sun greeting and then you finish your yoga practice with a refreshing dive in the swimming pool, you will notice that you are bursting with energy. Have you never gotten into contact with yoga or meditation before and you would like to experience it yourself? Our hostess will be happy to make an appointment for you. Our yoga teacher lives in a village half an hour from our villa but he will gladly take the time to come by for you. We can offer you lessons of 1 hour or longer during morning or evening sessions. The lessons consist of; Stretching, Asanas (yoga poses), breathing exercises, yoga dance, self-massage techniques, deep relaxation and meditation techniques. Here you will get back into balance. The nature, the food and the peace will help you with this.


Biking on Bali does not seem to be something that comes to mind immediately. Traffic on Bali is often chaotic, but not in the east, where there is nothing nicer than cycling through the flat country where traffic is low and the roads are suitable. On your own you may come into contact with local people who are very friendly and helpful.


Surfing in Bali is something special. Tropical temperatures the whole year long from 26 degrees Celsius onwards, endless rice fields and extremely good waves the whole year long is what you will find in East Bali. You don't necessarily need to be able to surf, but especially for the advanced surfer this is a surf paradise. If the wind is coming from the west, then the best place to surf is near the villas on the eastern island.

Diving on Bali

As a diving destination, Bali has not yet been discovered by tourists. This has many advantages. Corals are still intact in many places and the fish are not shy. The villas are close to the most beautiful diving sites in all of Bali. This island is a must if you like diving. And what do you think of water temperatures of 28 degrees! Throughout the year you can dive in Bali, it is the country with the largest variety of fish species in the world. Whether you are looking for the smallest mysteries in the area of fishing, from sharks, mantas, a clown fish or whale sharks, it is all there. In nearby Amed and Tulamben there are several diving schools and the most beautiful diving spots including the shipwreck of the US Liberty.

Golf on Bali

If you want to golf, then you are at the right address in Bali. This exotic island has multiple dream spots and courses that can be counted to the most beautiful in Asia. This golf paradise on earth is due to its exotic setting pure golf pleasure. On the course you will enjoy seeing the most beautiful plants and trees and the views are of a similar beauty.

Spa in the villa

The villa has its own spa relaxation area where you can be pampered by our professional spa ladies. Enjoy massages, facials and manicures here! With the help of the spa menu card, you can make you favorite selections. For everyone we offer the chance to relax and feel good. Young or old, male or female, experienced or inexperienced, our masseuses will make you feel at ease and relaxed. If your body needs a boost after a day of excursions, then the experience of a traditional Balinese massage is a must! This relaxing massage is a pressure point massage for your whole body and will bring back balance to your energy pathways.

Walking & Trekking

True walking, where nature and culture come together! Learn more about the plants and trees, the culture and living habits of the Balinese in the hinterland of the villas, in Timbu you can take short walks and long treks. You can easily do this on your own, but you can also do it together with an experienced guide, who is able to give you additional information. If you inform the hostess about this, they can give you advice for a nice path to take or bring you into contact with an experienced guide.


The east of Bali, located in the 'Emerald Belt', has besides its lush green nature also a fantastically beautiful underwater world, where young and old can entertain themselves in the deep blue waters and enjoy colorful corals and fish of all sorts and sizes. If you come to the east of Bali to snorkel, you will be amazed! East Bali has a great diversity in underwater life, making it an attractive area for snorkelers and divers of various skill. 25 minutes from the villa you will find Amed and Tulamben, where a large variety of underwater flora and fauna can be found, there are turtles, morays, bullet fish and even parrot fish. You can choose to visit these excellent snorkel locations as a group or alone.


There are more than enough fitness centers in the East, so if you want to stay active in addition to relaxing in the villa, this is possible! Ask the hostess what you are interested in and she will point you to the nearest gym.